Body toning can transform your dream body model into a reality. Body toning translates your dream of having strong curvy shoulders, toned abs, lean legs and just the appropriate butt size. Through a program of exercise, your body is toned and shaped. It makes your muscles conditioned and strong. As you set out to strengthen the muscles in your body, it supports your bones and keeps them from breaking. It increases the bone density as well. You can thereby keep osteoporosis at bay.

Toning can literally mean shaping specific muscles or muscle groups. Upper body toning, lower body toning or abdominal body toning – each of this needs to be addressed by a specific set of exercises. Through an exercise program lasting 3 to 4 times a week consisting of tried-and-tested push-ups, partial sit-ups, lunges and squats and utilizing weights or dumbbells or elastic exercise bands, you can bring about substantial mental, emotional and physical changes.

Body Toning